Pop Culture Group Co., Ltd Launches 2021 China Battle Championships

XIAMEN, China, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pop Culture Group Co., Ltd (“Pop Culture” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: CPOP), a hip-pop culture company in China, announced today that the Company had launched the 2021 China Battle Championships (“CBC”), an annual street dance competition organized by the Company since 2010. CBC is a platform for street dancers and an internationally recognized street dance professional competition in China. The Company plans to launch the preseason of CBC in August, regular season in September, playoffs in October, and finals in December.

In 2019, CBC was held in 18 cities across China with 14,600 participants; in 2020, CBC was held both online and offline in five cities in China with 4,000 participants. The participants competed in four types of dances: breaking, popping, teenager freestyle, and group dance. As an effort to promote hip-pop cultural exchange between U.S. and China, the Company has invited U.S. street dancers and disc jockeys, including Steffan “Mr. Wiggles” Clemente, Junior Boogaloo, Slim Boogie, and Dj Lean Rock, to serve as judges and guests of the events.

Mr. Zhuoqin Huang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pop Culture, commented, “It is the 11th consecutive year that we have hosted the annual CBC. We have made this year’s CBC a strategic initiative because it is the first major event we have held since our listing on Nasdaq and because breakdancing will be a new sport in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. We hope to cultivate more talents for the China Olympic breakdancing team by continually looking for gifted dancers and providing them with training and opportunities to attend competitions.”